Hi there! Welcome to Mixed Doubles - my little addition to the world of Pros.

After finding The Professionals fandom I wanted to give something back, as most of us do.
After all we all enjoy feasting on everyone elseís efforts. So here are my contributions.


I first started making Pros songvids about three years ago. I had always
wanted to give it a go, but on hearing a certain song I found myself seeing the clips forming in
my mind and I knew I had to make it. And thatís where I started.
Itís hobby that I love, and I donít proclaim to be brilliant at it. I just know I really enjoy it.


I have been doodling pictures of the boys for years. But it wasnít until I had a friend
see one of my Ďdoodlesí and point out that there was somekind of talent behind it,
that I decided to give it go properly.
I have never had any proper training, and I am still learning new techniques.
But I enjoy it, and if others enjoy my efforts too, then thatís a bonus.

To contact me, email - crimson.37@googlemail.com